2nd Dec 2017

Grand Opening

Our first permanent location is located at 100 West Pflugerville Parkway, Unit 106, Pflugerville, TX

30th Nov 2017

Ribbon Cutting

The Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce welcomes us to the community and awards us with a complimentary ribbon cutting ceremony

12th Jan 2017

New Philosophy

Introduction of our signature 45-Day Evolve Program

15th Aug 2016

4th Co-founder moves

Harish moves to Austin to help expedite the growth of Nirvana

1st Apr 2016

First Permanent Mobile Establishment

Bharath and Pree teach Yoga and Meditation Classes at the Riata Athletic Club

1st Feb 2016

Pree makes the leap

Pree leaves corporate permanently to focus on Nirvana GYM's growth

6th Oct 2015


Nirvana GYM is officially trademarked

10th Aug 2015

Our First Member

Nirvana GYM has their first official member

4th Jul 2015

3rd Co-founder moves

Bharath moves to Austin to grow the business

29th Mar 2015

Inaugural Event

Nirvana GYM had its first inaugural event sharing its concept and philosophy with its community

2nd Dec 2014

Officially in Business

Nirvana GYM is recognized by the State of Texas as an official company

1st May 2014

2nd Co-founder moves

Pree moves to Austin from New York City to pursue Nirvana GYM to lay the groundwork

2nd Mar 2014

The Name

The concept was named Nirvana GYM

23rd Feb 2014

The Concept

The idea was conceptualized through Google Hangouts

16th Nov 2013

1st Co-founder moves

Amol moves to Austin for work. He and his friends discuss potential business ideas