Our Team

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Pree Poonati

Nutrition Counseling
Strength & Resistance Training
Weight Management
Hatha/Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Pree is passionate about helping people overcome their obstacles of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He believes by focusing on the mind and developing mental fortitude, it makes it easier to maintain a lifestyle where taking care of your body becomes a habit compared to it being a chore. He is aware that different people learn different ways and will work with you personally to ensure that he puts you in a position to succeed.


Teresa Ronquillo

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Teresa is passionate about health & wellness and is thrilled to be teaching yoga with Nirvana GYM! Teresa teaches to share the joy of yoga, connect with humanity (you!) and to continue the never-ending journey of self-inquiry and realization. Students can expect a dynamic vinyasa flow with special attention to joint mobility and strength building. Follow her on Instagram @OhGoshYoga. #AwakenWithGratitude!