3-Day Pass


Our 3-Day Pass gives you a taste of our unique classes that combine fitness, yoga, and meditation. If you are enjoying the experience and are committed to change we highly recommend applying for our 45-Day Evolve Program so you can continue to experience all that Nirvana has to offer! This offer is valid for a one time use only.


10-Class Pass


Our 10-Class Pass allows you to the flexibility to supplement the Nirvanic Workouts with your current fitness regimen or offers you more time to evaluate whether you are committed to a evolve into a healthier and happy you!


45-Day Evolve Program


Our 45-Day Evolve Program will allow you to change your current mindset; resulting in building proper nutrition habits, engaging in rigorous fat-burning, muscle toning, cardio, and strength training exercises. This program will also allow you to develop a daily yoga and meditation practice.

The Evolve Program, most importantly, is a promise to leave your current state and evolve to a new improved, leaner, healthier, and happier state.

*All Nirvanic Workouts can be booked online*

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