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Enjoy some of our different nutrition tips and recipes for delicious foods/smoothies.
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Vitamix Pear-Green Smoothie

Recipe by Anikta Gadag Recipes
Easy recipes by Ankitha Gadag for exotic dishes, creative cocktails and quick kitchen hacks

Chilled Avacado & Cucumber soup

Recipe by Anikta Gadag Recipes:
You don’t normally think of soups in the summertime, especially not in Texas. However, this COLD cucumber and avocado soup hits the spot with its refreshing ingredients. It’s creamy, with a slight heat from the garlic & serrano. It gets layers of flavor from the fresh  dill and mint.

Raw Vegan Walnut.jpg

Raw Walnut Cabbage "Tacos"

Recipe by: Carrots and Flowers

Cotija guacamole with pepitas

Recipe by Anikta Gadag Recipes:
Looking for a creative spin on traditional guacamole? Look no further. This recipe is bursting with flavorsfrom your traditional guacamole – garlic,  onions and cilantro… while keeping it “fresh”This guacamole gets an element of salty crunch from the pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and robust full-bodied flavor from the cotija cheese. This recipe is sure to be a hit with your guests.


Vegetable White Bean Bake

Recipe by: Delaney Wray from Happy Meets Healthy

Thai Green Curry Chicken

Recipe by Anikta Gadag Recipes:
Thai food is my second favorite cuisine (next to Indian, for obvious reasons). The dishes have complex layers of flavors that are packed with heat, saltiness, tanginess and subtle sweetness.

Luckily, not all of this complexity needs to be made from scratch. A lot of the ingredients used in a traditional green curry paste are rare and hard to find. This is why I will be sharing ready made, all natural sauces and pastes that you can “cheat” with.

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