The Nirvana Story

Our Mission

To help individuals reach within to achieve their fullest potential. By developing this mindset of reaching within one can expect internal bliss. Our concept of a mind-body gym integrates nutrition, fitness, yoga, and meditation. These four pillars serve as the foundation for establishing this mindset. We want to share this passion with you and our community.

When did Nirvana start

The founders came together and put the principles of nutrition, fitness, yoga, and meditation together. Using the first letter of each of the principles, they creatively originated the name, Nirvana GYM. The name embodies the essence of awakening the deeper awareness within us. It is our belief that the path to happiness through health is by equally valuing mental and physical health.

Dreams become reality 

After research and discussion, the group narrowed the decision for the ideal city to start Nirvana GYM to be in Austin, TX. Austin is consistently ranked among the top fit cities across the United States. Austin is also the city filled with entrepreneur spirit as it is a cradle for many start-ups. It seemed like the perfect environment for this start-up. Slowly the founders starting making the transition from their current job positions from New York and Chicago to start making their dreams a reality.

Starting in 2015, Nirvana had its first member. We held most of our training programs out of apartment complex gyms at the time in the North Austin area. Soon after, Nirvana GYM was teaching yoga classes in different high schools across the city as they really made the effort to spread their awareness across the city of Austin. Everyone that experienced a class with Nirvana GYM is always raving about the quality of the instructors and their above and beyond customer service approach to the industry, please read our reviews here.

Where we are now

After a couple of years of teaching classes, the company decided that in order to grow as a business while not losing touch with their core values was to solely focus on building their Evolve program. This program fit the bill in terms of highlighting the importance of caring for mental and physical health, building healthy habits, and being part of a community of like minded individuals.