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What we can do for you?

We are not your typical heavy weight, confusing equipment, grunt-noise gym. In fact, we're far from it.

Nirvana GYM offers a unique 60-minute classes built for those who are seeking a good workout to break a sweat, lose weight, and build lean muscle. We then incorporate yoga to complement the fitness program which will help build strength and flexibility. Lastly, we will conclude the class with small relaxing meditation to help with mental fortitude, emotion regulation, stress reduction, and increase focus and attention.

How ready are you?

Committed to change

45-Day Evolve Program


Our 45-Day Evolve Program will allow you to change your current mindset; resulting in building proper nutrition habits, engaging in rigorous fat-burning, muscle toning, cardio, and strength training exercises. This program will also allow you to develop a daily yoga and meditation practice.

The Evolve Program, most importantly, is a promise to leave your current state and evolve to a new improved, leaner, healthier, and happier state.

Occasional exercise

10-Class Pack


Our 10-Class Pack allows you to experience what it would feel like if you committed to the 45-Day Evolve Program. It gives you just enough exposure to see the effects on your mind and body. If you want to continue to the 45-Day Evolve Program we will gladly contribute your funds from your class pack and you can continue to experience Nirvana!


Want to try

7-Day Pass


Our 7-Day Pass gives you a taste of our unique classes that combine fitness, yoga, and meditation. If you enjoy the experience then continue to a committed change and sign up for the 45-Day Evolve Program and we'll gladly contribute your funds from the 7-Day Pass towards to our Evolve Program. 

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