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Now offering Donation Based Yoga Classes every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday!

What we can do for you!

Nirvana GYM believes you can achieve optimal health by focusing on the mental and physical aspects of the body. We are a holistic gym that offers you a unique combination of fitness, yoga, and meditation. We want you to Realize the Power within. The Power Of You. 

We provide an innovative and convenient program that combines fitness, yoga, and meditation all in 60 minutes. The 30 minute fitness routine expedites weight loss, builds lean muscle, and increases endurance. We then transition into a 20 minute yoga practice which deepens the connection between mind and body, increasing flexibility and alleviating pain. Finally, we conclude with a 10 minute meditation practice to help navigate stress, influence emotional processing, and higher cognitive faculties such as attention, perception, memory, and problem solving.


How ready are you?


3-Day Pass


Our 3-Day Pass gives you a taste of our unique classes that combine fitness, yoga, and meditation. If you are enjoying the experience and are committed to change we highly recommend applying for our 45-Day Evolve Program so you can continue to experience all that Nirvana has to offer! This offer is valid for a one time use only.



10-Class Pass


Our 10-Class Pass allows you to the flexibility to supplement the Nirvanic Workouts with your current fitness regimen or current schedule. This also offers you more time to evaluate whether you are committed to Evolve into a healthier and happy you! 


45-Day Evolve Program


Our 45-Day Evolve Program will allow you to change your current mindset; resulting in building proper nutrition habits, engaging in rigorous fat-burning, muscle toning, cardio, and strength training exercises. This program will also allow you to develop a daily fitness, yoga and meditation practice at home.

The Evolve Program, most importantly, is a promise to leave your current state and evolve to a new improved, leaner, healthier, and happier state.


*All Nirvanic Workout Classes are by appointment only*
Walk-ins welcome to all our donation based classes

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